my cousin is almost as tall as me and shes 10 this should be illegal

"what the heck do you know about doctor insects"

i wish i knew the context

i wanna go home and i have nobody to text

ive been here for 20’isn ITS 4:20


reblog if aliens are real and you want to skateboard with them


Felt like taking a selfie today


Felt like taking a selfie today

my dads gf is taking forever to do my nails but idc because itll take longer for us to get to my grandmas house


Hakubishin Tamazusa
Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone (Episode 45)

my dad said ‘i couldve named my daughter BROWNIE’


the restaurant door dings as someone enters. a few patrons glance towards it nonchalantly and see a single man enter with a determined and dangerous look in his eye. the manager happens to come out and a look of terror passes through his face as he recognizes the newcomer. “no….not you. not again.” he stammers, stepping back. the man only smiles and pulls out his phone. “back at it again at krispy kreme” he says and launches into a running backflip, smashing the krispy kreme sign in midair. a woman screams as it shatters on the ground. the man continues his frenzy, crushing tables, flipping chairs, breaking windows. children are sobbing. the manager hides behind the counter, attempting to call 911 but his fingers are shaking. the man high kicks the phone out of his hand. no one can stop him. he’s back at it again